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Placing a test order or using test mode
Placing a test order or using test mode
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To check whether your Plug&Pay is set up correctly, you can use the test mode. With test mode, you can place test orders to check if everything is set up correctly without having to place an actual order.

You can set your entire Plug&Pay to test mode. Every checkout will then be in test mode and every payment via your Plug&Pay will be a test payment.

Alternatively, you can turn test mode off and make a test payment separately per checkout, while the checkout remains live and customers still have the ability to pay.

We will explain both possibilities for you πŸ˜„

Your entire Plug&Pay in test mode

You can set your entire Plug&Pay to test mode by going to Settings > Payments > Test mode. Here you see the Test mode switch.

When turning this switch on, your entire Plug&Pay will be placed into test mode. Every payment made through a checkout is a test order. Test mode will appear in orange in the upper right corner, so you know you are in test mode.

When paying in a checkout during test mode, you don't go to the bank's payment screen at checkout. Instead, you will see this screen from Mollie:

Here you should click on Paid and then Continue. Now you have placed a test order!

Placing a test order outside of test mode

Test mode is great when you are building your Plug&Pay, but if you're already live you can't just simply switch your whole Plug&Pay to test mode. Customers wouldn't be able to pay in any checkout at all!

For that reason, you can place a test order for each individual checkout, while the checkout remains available to receive actual payments.

When logged in to your Plug&Pay, go to your checkout. You'll see an extra checkbox This is a test order. When checking this box, the order you place will be processed as a test order!

This checkbox is only visible to admins and therefore only visible when you are logged in and then visit your checkout. Customers will not be able see this!

What happens to orders that have been placed while in test mode?

If you have placed orders in test mode, Test will automatically appear here. In your orders, you have a separate Tests tab where you can find all your test orders.

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