Setting up a webhook in Plug&Pay

How to use webhooks in Plug&Pay

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In Plug&Pay, you have the option of setting a webhook. Setting a webhook ensures that a certain action is created in another system/tool after completing a transaction.

Example: Setting a webhook ensures that a user automatically receives login details from a software environment and is triggered after a successful transaction.

Using the steps below, you can set up a webhook in Plug&Pay:

Within Plug&Pay, you have the option of setting a specific webhook that is applied to only one product, or a general-purpose webhook that applies to all products.

1. Setting a general webhook

If you want to set a general webhook that is triggered for each successful order, follow these steps:

In Settings > Webhooks, you can adjust the general webhook for your entire Plug&Pay.

2. Setting a specific webhook

If you want to set up a webhook that is not generally valid, but should only apply to a specific product, follow these steps:

Checkouts -> choose desired product -> Advanced -> Webhooks

3. Trigger webhooks for direct debits

Check the box 'Call webhooks and zaps for recurring direct debit payments' if you want to call the webhook for every direct debit of a subscription or instalment payment.

Read the articles connect to Huddle and connect to Zapier if you want to create a webhook/link with Huddle or create a specific webhook via Zapier.

4. Trigger webhooks per order line

If you want the webhook to be activated for each order line in an order, check the option 'Call webhooks and zaps per order line instead of per entire order'. You could use this option when working with order bumps.

5. Webhook for cancellations

In this field, you can enter a webhook that will be called once a subscription has become inactive.

Good to know:

  • Webhooks can also be triggered when manually creating a subscription or instalment payment:

  • If you have a general webhook set up, a webhook will also be triggered after a successful transaction with the one-click upsell.

  • Do you want to trigger a webhook for a specific upsell? Then you can fill in the Webhook field with the desired webhook url:

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