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Customise email templates

How do I customise automatic emails from Plug&Pay

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If you place an order via a Plug&Pay checkout page, you will receive an order confirmation in the mail πŸ“§

This way, the customer can receive automatically generated emails for an order confirmation, payment link, repeat invoice, failed payment or the manual sending of an invoice.

You can customise the content of these emails to suit your own style. Great, because this way you are in control of the customer experience πŸ˜ƒ

How do I customise email templates?

Go to Settings > Email Templates

In this screen, you can select a template from the drop-down menu and customise the content for each template ✍️

When clicking on the drop-down menu, a number of different templates will appear:

For your convenience, I will briefly explain each template so you know what each email is for. That's how I am 😏

Order confirmation

This mail is sent to the customer as soon as a new order is placed and paid for. This is the first mail one gets from you once they have bought something, and gives an overview of their product and its price. The invoice of the order is part of the order confirmation and is added as an attachment.

Payment link

This mail is sent to the customer when you manually create an order or subscription and choose Send payment link. You can read more about manually creating an order and sending a payment link here: Create order manual.

Order notification

This email is sent to yourself as soon as a new order is placed and paid for. This is the appropriate place to give yourself another extra pat on the shoulder for your hard work (kidding of course πŸ€ͺ)

Repeat invoice

This mail is sent to the customer when a new collection/invoice is created for a subscription or instalment payment.

Payment reminder / abandoned shopping cart mail

This mail is sent to the customer (including payment link) when no payment is made within 15 minutes after clicking on Checkout. You can consider this a kind of abandoned shopping cart email πŸ“¬

Failed direct debit

This email is sent to the customer (including payment link) when a direct debit could not be executed. This mail is sent to the customer once as soon as a payment has failed. Does the customer still not pay after this email? Contact the relevant customer to find out what's going on. For more information on failed collections, you can check out this manual πŸ“‘

Send invoice

Standard text when sending PDF invoices manually. You can send an invoice manually by going to the customer's order and clicking 'send invoice' from the order overview.

Direct debit announcement

If you have chosen to enable the direct debit notification email box in Email Settings, you can edit the text displayed in this mail here. The parameter :days is based on the number filled in at the aforementioned settings.

That's all! πŸ™Œ

I hope this manual took you another step forward. My mission will be accomplished if so :) Good luck with setting up your personal emails.


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