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Creating a product in Plug&Pay
Creating a product in Plug&Pay
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Are you going to sell a new product with Plug&Pay? In this manual you will learn how to create a product and which settings you can change!

Creating a new product

You can create a new product by clicking on Products in the menu to the left. In the top right corner you can find and click on the button 'Add product'.

Enter a name of the product and you will automatically enter the general settings for this product.

General settings

In the general settings, you can change the name of the product. If you want, you can enter a separate name for your product to be displayed on the checkout and invoice.

In addition, you can enter a description and add the product to a product group (these are used for statistics, for example).

In the general settings, you can also specify whether your product is a physical product. When doing so, you can set the shipping costs in the prices. Finally, you can limit the stock: if you only have 10 pieces of a product available, you can fill in the stock here.


Under Prices, you can set the price of your product. You can enter a default price and indicate whether this price includes or excludes VAT (and what percentage of VAT this is).

You can also set a bulk discount here: the more a customer buys of this product, the cheaper each product becomes.

You can also enter promotional prices under discount. Then, in addition to the standard price, you have a sale price that is shown on the checkout.

If you have indicated that your product is a physical product, you will have another input field where you can enter the shipping costs.

You can also indicate whether your product is a subscription or if it can be payed for in installments.

For more information regarding subscriptions and instalment payments, check out the manuals below:

Want to sell a subscription with Plug&Pay?
Do you want to sell a subscription? Read our manual to learn more about subscriptions.

Want to sell a product in instalments with Plug&Pay?
Do you want to sell a product in instalments? Read our manual to learn more about instalment payments.


When creating a product, an SKU is automatically generated. You can change the SKU at any time. The SKU is a unique code for each product and also commonly used for connecting to other systems.

You can also add a Ledger account for this product. This is commonly used for a connection with accounting software for example.

Under the advanced settings, you can upload your Product terms and conditions. When uploading terms & conditions here, people will have to agree with these conditions before they can purchase the product.


Are you going to sell a product that has to be downloaded, such as an e-book? Under Downloads you can upload your download file.

When using the default Plug&Pay thank-you page, this download will be presented on the thank-you page after purchasing the product.


You can upload images of your product under Images. These will be shown on the checkout when creating a checkout for this product!

Custom fields

With custom fields, you can add a maximum of 2 extra fields on your checkout. You can consult this manual to learn more about custom fields.


After creating your product and applying the desired settings, it is time to add your product to a checkout. Use this manual if you need help creating a checkout :)

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