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Selling a subscription with Plug&Pay
Selling a subscription with Plug&Pay

Selling subscriptions and automatic debiting

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Do you want to sell subscriptions and collect them automatically with Plug&Pay? Find out exactly how it works here!

Selling subscriptions with Plug&Pay

With Plug&Pay, people have the option to buy a subscription on the checkout page. Take a look at our own checkout:

People can choose between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription here. Customers settle the first payment in the checkout. After a month (or after a year in the case of an annual subscription), the subscription is renewed from Plug&Pay and the amount is again collected automatically.

We only use the monthly and annual options ourselves, but within Plug&Pay you have the option of offering monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.

Which payment methods can be used to pay?

Payment methods where a direct debit is possible are those that can be used when checking out for a subscription. One example is a credit card.

Once you've activated SEPA Direct Debit in Mollie, your customers will now also have the possibility to pay with iDEAL and Bancontact on the checkout page. The account number (IBAN) with which people pay via iDEAL or Bancontact is stored with the subscription. When the subscription is renewed, the amount is debited from this account by SEPA direct debit. Therefore, without having activated SEPA direct debit, people in a checkout with a subscription cannot pay using iDEAL or Bancontact.

Creating a product for the subscription

If you have activated one of the above payment methods, you can create a product for your subscription. You can create a new product in Plug&Pay via the Products menu. Click here if you need help creating a product.

When creating a new product, you can go to Prices and then turn the slider to Subscription.

After doing so, you can set the prices per period. In the screenshot below, the amount per month is 49,-, the amount per quarter 137,- and the amount per year 497,-.

Only the options for which you enter a price will be shown on the checkout. You can leave the field for quarterly blank in case you don't want to offer a quarterly subscription.

Next to this, you can choose which of the options should be Featured. In the screenshot below, this is the annual option. The featured option will be checked by default when someone enters the checkout.

The settings on the screenshot above, look like this on the checkout:

Customers can choose to pay per month, per quarter or per year!

Viewing purchased subscriptions in the admin centre

In the admin centre you can go to Subscriptions to view all subscriptions. So as soon as someone purchases a subscription via your checkout, this subscription will appear here.

You can find filter options on the right hand side. Here you could filter on active subscriptions to see which customers have an active subscription.

With the export button, you have the option to export your subscriptions to a .csv or .xlsx file.

By clicking on a specific subscription, you see all of the information regarding this subscription. This shows you which customer details are known. If necessary, you can modify customer details here. In addition, you also have the option to cancel a subscription by setting it to inactive.

You can also see what the next collection date is. So on that day, this customer's next instalment will be collected! The collection of the next instalment is completely automatic and does not require any action on your part!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I also have an annual subscription paid monthly?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. An annual subscription will have to be paid per year. This idea is on our wishlist though!

  • Can I offer a six-month subscription?
    Currently, there are three options for offering subscriptions; monthly, quarterly and annual. Setting more flexible subscription terms is also on the wishlist.

  • What happens to current subscriptions when I change the price?
    You can read more about that in this manual :)

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