Offering a free trial

How do you set up a trial for a subscription?

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A free period or free trial offers your (potential) customers the chance to get acquainted with your service or product.

A great opportunity for your customers to reap the benefits and help them make a purchase decision! πŸ˜„

Plug&Pay allows you to set this up in two ways:

  • A trial period for authorisations

  • A trial period for iDEAL/Bancontact

Setting up a free trial

When you offer memberships and subscriptions, you can offer your (potential) customers a free trial. You set a trial period based on the number of days you want. You can do this completely free of charge and it is an option that only applies to customers who pay for your services or products by authorisation.

How do I set this up?

When you are in the Plug&Pay dashboard, you can navigate to your products and create a new product (or select an existing product if you want to set it up for an existing product). Then go to the Pricing tab.

When selecting the 'Subscription' option, you can choose for 'Trial period' from the Discount drop-down menu. Here, you can select the number of days the trial should last for how much it will cost. After the trial ends, the regular subscription starts with the chosen subscription costs.

In the case below, the first 14 days are for free. After that, the price will be €100 per month.

On the checkout, you will see that your customers can only use this by authorisation.

A trial for iDEAL/Bancontact

For customers who pay for their subscription with iDEAL or Bancontact, things are slightly different. These customers will have to pay a token amount of €0.02 for the subscription. This is because iDEAL/Bancontact always requires a transaction to obtain the mandate for payment from the customer.

In the example below, you offer the product with a two-week trial period. Here you charge a fee of €0.02 in the trial period. This is done so that a mandate can be created in the background for future subscriptions. After the two-week period, the subscription is converted to a charge of €12 excluding VAT.

Your settings would look like this:

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