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How do I cancel a customer's subscription?
How do I cancel a customer's subscription?

What steps to follow to cancel a subscription

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What to do if someone wants to cancel their subscription? This manual will tell you exactly which steps to take to correctly cancel a subscription.

Can a customer cancel their own subscription?

A customer cannot cancel their own subscription. The shop owner, you, must first be contacted.

What should I do if a customer wants to cancel?

To process a cancellation, first go to Dashboard > Subscriptions. Find the customer's subscription there and select it.

You will now see a screen with all the subscription data. To deactivate a subscription, click the Enter date button under Deactivate from to select the date the subscription should end.

If you click on the blue text End of current period, the subscription will be automatically deactivated on the date the next direct debit was scheduled on. No additional collections will take place and the subscription will expire by default.

You can also inactivate a subscription effective immediately by turning this slider off:

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