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Changing the domain name of your Plug&Pay
Changing the domain name of your Plug&Pay

How do I change my domain name

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By default, your Plug&Pay account is on a subdomain of ours (for example: You can also set your Plug&Pay on your own domain name. To do this, you must change the DNS data of your domain name πŸ’»

To get a Plug&Pay checkout on your own domain, you need to take the following steps:

1. First of all, determine the right subdomain

First of all, you need to create a subdomain with your domain provider. You can't use a main domain for your Plug&Pay. On your main domain, you often already have a website running. Take, for example. You can't run your Plug&Pay environment on it again, because you can't have two systems on one domain name.
For this reason, it is best to place your Plug&Pay on a subdomain. For example or or something similar.

2. Register your new domain with Plug&Pay

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Domain name. Here you can enter your new domain name:

Once you have done this, a window appears with DNS records what you need for the next step.

3. Adjust the DNS with your domain provider

In this step, you will indicate to your domain name provider which subdomain you will be using for your Plug&Pay.

Most providers allow you to log in and change the DNS settings yourself. If there's no option for this, or if you don't want to/can't do this yourself, you can contact your domain name provider so that they can do this for you.

The following records need to be adjusted:

  • Create a C-NAME record pointing to

  • Remove the AAAA-records of the domain on which you want your Plug&Pay environment

You can also find the value for the correct CNAME record under Settings > Domain name.

4. Activate your new domain name in Plug&Pay

For the last step, you need to go back to your domain settings in Plug&Pay via Dashboard > Settings > Domain name.

After entering your domain, you should wait up to 24 hours at most, depending on how quickly your DNS settings are processed. If everything is set correctly and has been processed, you will see a table appear in Plug&Pay under your domain settings with a checkmark on the left and a slider on the right to activate your new domain:

If you move the slider, your Plug&Pay will be on your new domain :)

You will see that your checkout page is now displayed directly on your own subdomain.

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