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Adding extra fields to your checkout (custom fields)
Adding extra fields to your checkout (custom fields)

Ask for additional information on your checkout page

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Want to request additional information from a customer? You can do that with the Custom Fields feature πŸ˜„!

This is the perfect solution for when you:

  • are organising an event on certain dates

  • sell clothing items in different sizes

  • sell a product with different colours

In short: you can gather more itemised information when your customers are making a purchase.

❗️ Make sure you ask for as little information as possible on your checkout. Every extra question that your leads have to answer is a reason for them to leave. So only use the custom fields if you really need extra information.

You can read exactly how to set it up here πŸ“– I'll take you step by step!

Creating the Custom fields

You can create custom fields for your products by first going to Products. Select your product and go to Custom fields.

Here you can add a maximum of two custom fields. The choice of two fields was made because on a checkout page, you want to ask the customer for as little extra information as possible because this has a negative effect on conversion.

Click on Add field, and choose whether you want to use an existing template or design one yourself. In case you would like to start with a template, you will be presented with 5 options to choose from:

  • Instagram username

  • Colour

  • Size

  • Date

  • Personal message

Each template has a short description written. After you have made your choice, you can make additional adjustments to the settings if you like.

When choosing for Design a field, you will be directly sent to the settings screen.

  • Field type
    Choose the field type that corresponds to the information you want to collect. You can make the following choices: Text, text paragraph, dropdown, check box, multiselect, radio button, numeric & email.

  • Field name
    A name for your field that is easy for you to recognise

  • Public field name
    This field name will be visible to the customer on your checkout page

  • Options
    There are a maximum of 7 or 10 options available, depending on the field type

  • Stock
    Keep track of the stock for this product

  • Max. number of characters
    The maximum number of characters that can be entered

  • Required field
    You can choose if the field is a required field or not

If everything is according to your wishes, click on Create to save your custom field. You'll see the field has been added to your product.

Adding the custom fields to your checkout

The custom fields will be automatically enabled on your checkout page. You can disable the custom fields by going to Checkouts > open the desired checkout > Advanced > Advanced settings and tick the custom field.

This is what it looks like on your checkout:

❗️ If you add an order bump and have set up custom fields for this product, they will not be displayed on the checkout page.

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