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Changing the general information in your Plug&Pay environment

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In this guide, I'll take you through the general information you can set up for your Plug&Pay environment.

To start, go to Settings > General > General Information

If you have just started using Plug&Pay, it is useful to complete this information first. Some of the information you enter here will also be shown on your checkouts, invoices and in the emails sent to your customers!

  • Store name: Fill in your store name here. This name will be displayed on your checkouts, as well as in the emails your customers receive from you, such as order confirmations or payment reminders.

  • Email address: Here you enter the email address on which your customers can reach out to you. This email address will be displayed on invoices.

  • Email address for notifications: Add your email address here if you want to receive emails of new orders. No need for an email with every order? Then leave this field empty :-)

  • Address details: The address details you enter here will appear on the checkout as well as the invoice. So enter your company's address details here. These should match your Chamber of Commerce details.

  • Website: Enter your website's url here.

  • Company details: Your company's name, VAT-id and Chamber of Commerce number will all be shown on the invoice.

  • IBAN & BIC: Enter your company's IBAN number here. This will also be displayed on the invoice. Do you offer your products or services abroad? Then also fill in your BIC number.

  • Social media profiles: When you create a thank-you page and use a social block, the social media profiles are shown on your thank-you page!

  • Checkout language: You can set your Plug&Pay environment entirely in Dutch or in English. This also affects all your checkouts, invoices and e-mails; these will then all be either in Dutch or in English.

  • Logo: Upload your company's logo here. This will then appear both on your checkout, and on the invoice. If you leave it blank, your shop name will appear at the top of the checkouts instead.

  • Favicon: A favicon is a small icon used to identify a website and is displayed in browser tabs and bookmarks, as you can see below:

    If you want to use an image or icon as the favicon for your Plug&Pay, you can use a graphics editing programme such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Canva or online favicon generators such as or RealFaviconGenerator to convert your PDF design to a suitable favicon format and then save it in the appropriate file format (.ico, .png, etc.).

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