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How do I change my login information in Plug&Pay

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In this brief manual, I'll explain where to change your Plug&Pay login credentials, and how to set up two-factor authentication (2FA).

Login credentials

Go to Settings > Credentials to get the screen above.

Here you have the option to change the email address you use for logging in, the username displayed in the upper right corner of your screen and your current password.

To change your email address you use for logging in, you'll have to enter your current password for verification. You can't use an email address that is already in use by another Plug&Pay account.

When changing your current password, you will also have to enter your password for verification. Your new password should be a minimum of 8 characters in length, and is not allowed to be an easy to guess password. Your Plug&Pay account contains incredibly sensitive information of both yourself and all your customers. Keep this in mind when setting a password!

Two-factor authentication

When choosing this extra security measurement for your Plug&Pay account, logging into new devices will prompt you to enter a code which you will receive on your mobile phone.

When logging in, you will then have to enter a verification code after entering your email address and password. You can have this code sent via SMS or voice message. If you use an Authenticator app, you can retrieve and enter the code from here πŸ“±

Adding yet another factor to the authentication process increases the security of your account and makes it harder for hackers to access the data stored in your Plug&Pay account. Outsmart yourself and make sure you set up two-factor authentication! πŸ’»

Can I add a second user to my Plug&Pay account?

It is not possible to create a second set of login credentials. If someone who is working for you needs access to your Plug&Pay account, be careful with handing out your credentials. This feature idea has already been added to our wishlist.

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