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Changing default values of your checkout and general features of your shop

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Do you want to change the default colours for new checkouts, add a warranty text or change the default entered country? In this manual, I'd like to tell you more about that 😁

From Settings > Preferences, you can change the default values for new checkouts.

Default values

On this page, you can set a number of options that will be filled in by default when creating new checkouts. Let's start with the colours that will be displayed on your checkouts.

The primary colour is the colour mainly displayed on the checkout. This changes the colour of the total amount, the horizontal line, the outline of the payment methods and the footer.
The secondary colour is the colour used for the payment buttons on the checkout.

If you would like to change the colours of existing checkouts, you can do so by going to the Layout tab of the checkout itself 😁

The warranty text you want to display by default on every checkout from now on can be changed in this same screen. To change the warranty text of existing checkouts, you'll also need to go to the Layout tab of the checkout itself.

We would like to see this slider turned off of course πŸ˜‰
If for some reason you want to omit 'Powered by Plug&Pay' on your checkout, you will have to turn this slider on.

Shop General fFeatures

Do you want to change the default country entered? Select the country of choice via the dropdown menu. When ordering, it first tries to select a country based on your visitor's location, only if that fails is the selected country used.

If you are using the Miss Moneypenny template, you have the option of using 3 USP's that will be shown at the top of the checkout βœ…

Don't forget to save your changes ;)


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