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Everything you need to know about receiving payments can be read in this manual! πŸ’Έ

The first thing you'll see here is whether your Mollie account has been linked. Still need to do this? Start by linking your Mollie account. This manual contains the right information.

Website profile

In your Mollie account, you have the ability to make multiple website profiles. By clicking on the drop-down menu under 'Website profile', you can select the desired profile you'll be using for your Plug&Pay.

Good thing to know is that the link between Plug&Pay and Mollie is based on both accounts, and not based on your bank account. You will receive payments on your Mollie account, not on your bank account. You have the freedom to switch between website profiles, but switching to a completely new Mollie account is quite the job. Be sure to contact our support to prevent misapprehensions!

Test mode

Have you finished building your checkouts and upsells? Then you're ready to turn off test mode. In the upper right corner you can see whether test mode is on or not. Use this slider to turn off test mode :-)

Activated payment methods

You can activate different payment methods in your Mollie dashboard. After doing so, the chosen payment methods will appear on this screen as well as your checkout page. In order to offer subscriptions and instalment payments, SEPA Direct Debit is required to be activated in your Mollie account.

Is an activated payment method not being displayed on the checkout page? Be sure to take a look at the limits associated with this payment method. Does the total order amount surpass the limits? In that case, the relevant payment method will not be displayed. You can contact Mollie to increase these limits πŸ’Έ


It is possible to edit the layout of your invoices. You can add a prefix and length of your sequence number. In the example below, you can see that the invoice number use to be 2023 25. You have the ability to change this to PP2023 0025 for example :-)

You can add a prefix in order to distinguish and categorise your invoices - should you receive invoices from multiple streams.

For businesses with a large turnover and many transactions, a sequential number of 6 or more digits may be more appropriate to ensure that invoice numbers remain unique over a longer period of time.

Direct debits

When you're selling subscriptions, the text below will be added to the invoice. You can edit this text or choose to hide it :-) It is useful to mention :order_id in the description, so the order can always be traced!

Manual transfer

When your customer pays by invoice, it is important that :order_id and :payment_term are used in the text. Your customer must include these references in the transfer so that Mollie can synchronise the transaction with Plug&Pay.

If your customer doesn't do this, the transaction will remain with Mollie and the status of your order in Plug&Pay will remain unpaid.

Additional text

It's possible to add extra text to your invoices. Keen to know how this would look like on your invoice? Check out the example below 😎

Other options

Turning this slider on allows you to hide the product description on the invoice. The product description is based on what you entered in the Description field for your product.

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