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Change settings for invoice emails, payment reminders and announcement emails

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Are you looking for how to change sending invoice emails, announcement emails and payment reminders? Then you've come to the right place 😌

Email settings

The settings on this page are related to the e-mails your customers receive. Are you looking for the e-mail notifications that are being sent to you? You can find these by going to Settings > General > Information > Email address for notifications.

Via Settings > Email settings you'll reach the screen above.
Here we have 4 boxes which you can enable or disable. I'll take you through each box:

  • Disable billing emails for direct debits: When you check this box, invoice emails will no longer be sent with each direct debit. This can be very useful if, for example, a customer has an instalment payment of 12 instalments, and does not wish to receive an invoice email for each instalment.

  • Disable invoice emails for new orders: When you check this box, order confirmations will no longer be sent to your customers. You should check this box if you prefer to handle the order confirmation through your mailing service :)

  • Disable emails for payment reminders and failed direct debits: When this box is checked, payment reminders will no longer be sent automatically in case of failed direct debits. By default, the customer receives a payment reminder when the direct debit has failed due to e.g. a reversed payment.

  • Enable direct debit notification email: Checking this box gives you the option to enable an announcement email for subscriptions and instalment payments. This setting is very useful to notify your customer that a direct debit is soon to take place.
    Here, you have the option to set how many days in advance this mail will be sent before the direct debit takes place, for which type of subscription this mail should apply, that the first direct debit after a trial period should be announced & that instalment payments should always be announced.

Set up own email address

Wondering how to set up your own email address to send all these different mails? Read this manual βœ‰οΈ

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