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Uploading the terms and conditions in Plug&Pay

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Do you want customers to have to agree to your company's terms and conditions first? In that case you've come to the right place 😎

Terms and Conditions

In order to upload the terms and conditions, you'll have to go to Settings > Terms and Conditions.

Here you have the possibility to add your file. Your best option is to use a PDF-file for your terms and conditions. After selecting the desired file, click on save. From now on, customers will have to agree to the terms and conditions before they can checkout.

Is there a template available?

We do not offer templates for the Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions should be relevant to the specific type of business. Our clients are so different that it is difficult to offer a standard template. You can find examples of general terms and conditions online, as well as the option to buy templates. However, the best thing to do is to hire a legal expert yourself!

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