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Setting a tab notification

Ensuring that your customers complete their order by using a tab notification

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In the world of online shopping there is always the chance that your potential customers stray away from the payment process, sometimes due to distractions or hesitations. By setting a tab notification, you can lure distracted visitors back to the checkout page. When a visitor has opened your checkout but has not yet made the payment,a notification will appear in the tab as soon as the visitor switches tabs. How cool is that 🤩

Enabling a tab notification

You can choose to enable a tab notification for each individual checkout you have. Under the Advanced tab, you can find the box to start using tab notifications.

When you tick the box, you can enter your own text that will appear in your visitor's tab.

By displaying a notification when a visitor switches tabs, they are subtly reminded of the unfinished purchase process. Since people dislike unfinished tasks, a sense of urgency is created, resulting in a higher likelihood of them returning to the payment page to complete their payment.

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