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Enabling a reminder when the order bump has not been added to checkout

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Are you offering an order bump but is the conversation rate a bit disappointing? No worries, because with Plug&Pay you can make one last attempt to remind your visitor that their order is not quite yet complete ;)

Turning the reminder on for the order bump

When you're offering an order bump on your checkout page, it can't hurt to remind your visitor to add the order bump when they haven't done so.

You can enable this reminder for your checkout page through the Layout tab. Here you will need to select your order bump for which you want to turn on the reminder. Don't have an order bump yet? Read this manual to create one first 😁

In the screen below, simply turn on the slider to set the reminder. From now on, a popup will be shown as soon as the visitor wants to checkout without having added your order bump to the shopping cart!

When your visitors want to continue without adding your order bump, the following popup will appear in their screen:

You can enable this reminder for only one order bump per checkout. If you offer multiple order bumps on a single checkout, you will have to consider which product you prefer to sell the most.

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