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How do I set up a countdown for my checkout page?

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One of the best ways to boost conversion is to work with scarcity. Scarcity in the number of hours left to claim a particular offer, for example, creates a sense of urgency in your visitor, making them more likely to take advantage of an action.

With Plug&Pay, you can capitalise on this by setting a countdown on your checkouts. Your visitors will be able to see the number of days or hours running out. Perfect for when you have a limited sale going on.

Adding a countdown to your checkout

You can set the countdown on your checkout via the Layout tab. No checkout yet? Then create one first.

With the Countdown button you can select the deadline. Choose the desired date and time your sale ends on.

You also have the option to enter a redirect URL here. When a visitor lands on this checkout after the deadline has passed, the checkout is no longer usable and the user is redirected to the relevant URL after 5 seconds. You could use a redirect to send your visitor to your product's regular checkout.

After saving the countdown, a timer will appear at the top of your checkout. The appearance of the countdown depends on which template you have chosen for your checkout page. The Split Screen template is the only template that does not support the countdown. Here are some examples of the differences:

Wall Street template

Moneyball template

Dow Jones template

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