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Manually creating an order
Manually creating an order

How do you manually create an order for a customer?

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If you want an explanation on how to create an order manually, this manual is the right place for you! πŸ˜ƒ

It can happen that an order has not arrived correctly in your Plug&Pay, for example, or you want to create an order for someone without referring them to your checkout page.

It's not all that bad! You can easily create the order manually in your Plug&Pay :-)

❗Please note❗ : The manual creation of an order requires the connection to Mollie. Not connected Mollie to Plug & Pay yet? Take a look at this manual first: Starting with Plug&Pay

This is how to manually create an order:

From your Plug&Pay account, click on Orders and then click on the +Create button.

You'll see that you get to a page where you can fill in all the information regarding the customer's details and the order.

Fill in all the details about the customer as completely as possible under 'General Information'. If you're not in test mode, you can also indicate here whether it is a test order.

At 'Content order', select the product and the amount. You can also set the shipping costs here.

With the new function 'Customizable order line', you can now also create manual orders with a custom field. This means you don't have to select any products you have previously created. Very useful if, for example, you need to quickly create a customised invoice or give your product a different description!

Want to add several products to an invoice? Simply add another product line. Nice and easy :)

Under the heading 'Emails and Processing' you can indicate whether the customer receives an invoice immediately after creating the order. If you don't tick this, you can send the invoice manually to the customer yourself.

The slider 'Call webhooks' can be switched on and off. If you want a webhook to be called for this order, turn the slider on and indicate whether a specific or generic webhook should be called.

Switch on the slider 'Directly execute rules with the "Order paid" event' if you want the rules you have set for the Huddle and/or the ActiveCampaign connection to be executed.

If you want to authorise someone to pay the subscription, you can indicate this under 'Payment details' with Direct debit. Make sure you enter the correct name and IBAN number of this person!

Finally, don't forget to click on save! You will see that your latest order is at the top of the total overview of your orders :-)

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