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Creating a subscription manually
Creating a subscription manually

How to manually create a subscription in Plug&Pay

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It may happen that you want to manually create a subscription for a customer in Plug&Pay.

The connection with Mollie is required to create a subscription. Not linked Mollie to Plug&Pay yet? Then first take a look at this manual: Getting started with Plug&Pay.

How do I manually create a subscription in Plug&Pay?

From your Plug&Pay account, click on Subscriptions on the left of the dashboard and click the +Create button.

A page will open where you can enter all the information surrounding the customer and the subscription.

Enter all details as complete as possible under General Information.

If you're not in test mode, you can also indicate whether this is a test order by turning on the slider.

Under Product, enter the product, the type of subscription (monthly, quarterly, yearly), amount, the start and end date & a discount code if applicable.

Under Emails and Processing, you can choose to automatically send an email confirmation, along with the invoice and payment link. If you choose for the invoice to be sent automatically, the customer will receive the invoice on the start date you entered under Product. With the payment link, the customer can manually pay for the first collection. Subsequent collections will then be collected automatically.

If you do not turn this slider on, you can manually send the first invoice and payment link. As indicated under Payment details under Email invoice + payment link, subsequent invoices will be sent automatically.

If you want a webhook to be called, turn on the Call webhooks slider and specify whether a general or specific webhook should be called when creating the subscription.

The slider Run rules with event "Order paid" directly can be turned on in case you have this event set for the Huddle configuration.

If you want to authorise someone to pay the subscription, you can indicate this under Payment details by selecting Direct debit. Please fill in the correct name and IBAN number of this person!

Finally, don't forget to save! You will see that your last created subscription is at the top of the total overview of your subscriptions :-)

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