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Plug&Pay: Instalment payments
Manually creating an instalment order
Manually creating an instalment order

Creating an instalment order manually

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You may need to manually create an instalment payment for one of your customers. In this manual, I'll tell you how you can do this.

We discuss the following points:

An instalment payment

In Plug&Pay, you can offer products in instalments. This allows you to offer a (more expensive) product and lower the threshold to purchase the product. You have three options for the price setting of a product in instalments: one-off and two prices in instalments. You can offer up to 12 instalments. An instalment is a period of 1 month.

In case you need to read more about creating a product that can be payed in instalments, be sure to read this manual.

Manually creating an instalment order

To create an instalment order, let's first open the tab Instalments and click on the button 'Create':

Then the page opens where you can enter all the data for creating the order:

Here you'll fill in the customer's data as completely as possible. If you process an order for a business client, the VAT-id field will appear as soon as the company name is entered.

You can also use the slider to place a test order if you are not in test mode currently.

Via the product to be ordered you fill in the information about the product. Here you select the product, the number of instalments and the quantity of the order. You can also set the start date of the instalment order and add a discount code!

You can only select a product here once you've created a product that has an instalment payment set.

You can activate two sliders for Emails and Processing. You can ensure that an order confirmation with a PDF invoice is sent after creating an order. If you activate this option, the confirmation and invoice will be sent on the start date of the instalment order.

If you don't activate the slider, you can manually send the first invoice to the customer. You do this by opening the order > click on the button 'PDF invoice' > send email.

The invoices of subsequent instalments will be sent automatically, unless you have disabled invoices from being sent for direct debits via the E-mail settings.

In addition to sending the invoice, you can trigger a webhook. You do this if you want to trigger an action in another software after creating the order. After activating the slider you will be given the option to select a specific webhook.

Finally, you enter the payment details. You can choose to send the invoice + payment link after creating the order. If you choose to email the customer the first invoice yourself, you can find the payment link after creating the order in the order information of the order. All subsequent orders will be billed automatically.

The other option is to opt for payment by direct debit. This is only possible via IBAN. You need permission from the customer for this. It is important that you process the correct data.

Don't forget to save your order by clicking on the save button in the bottom right:

After saving, the order will be created and you can find the order via the Instalments tab.

❗Note: If you offer an instalment product once and want to process an order for this product, you must do this via the tab Orders > Create! See the following manual for more about this.

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