Creating an order bump
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An order bump is a relatively cheap product people can add to their shopping cart. Think of a chocolate bar at the till in a supermarket! By adding an order bump, you can increase the average order value of your checkout page.

Creating an order bump

Before being able to add an order bump to your checkout, you will first need to create one as a product. Don't know how to create a product? Read more here.

If you have already created the product, you can consider duplicating the product to sell it as an order bump. Add OB (order bump) to the product name for example to remind yourself that this product is being used as the order bump :-)

Adding an order bump

The order bump is part of your checkout. If you have not made a checkout yet, read this manual to learn how to make one.

First, go to the checkout for which you want to add an order bump to:

Select 'Layout':

Scroll down until you find 'Add order bump':

Here you will select the product that you want to add as an order bump, give your order bump a name and a description. You can also use our AI feature to generate a title and description for you πŸ€–. Read more about the use of the AI feature here.

Click 'Save' and your order bump is ready :-)

You can add a maximum of three order bumps.

An order bump works really well because it is extremely simple (1 click for extra turnover). That's why there aren't any other choices to make for order bumps. A customer can simply decide to add or not add the extra product.

Maybe your customer has overlooked the order bump. No worries! You can set an extra popup reminder for this πŸ™Œ

This popup is shown when someone goes to pay for your product, but has not added your order bump. You can enable a popup for a maximum of one order bump per checkout page.

Turn the popup on by using this slider:

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