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Cancelling an order in Plug&Pay

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It may occur that a customer wants to cancel their order. If you want to cancel an order in Plug&Pay, you need to credit the invoice. I will explain to you in this manual how to settle this.

What does it mean to credit?

Crediting is done when:

  • A customer wants their order cancelled

  • A mistake has been made on the invoice of the order. This is because you are not allowed to edit an invoice that has already been created and sent.

By crediting an order, you create a credit invoice or credit note.

A credit invoice is an invoice with which you waive an invoice amount. The amount is therefore negative, which means that there is a minus sign before the invoice amount. Your customer therefore does not have to pay this amount.

How do I credit an order?

First of all, it is important to know that it is only possible to credit the entire order. It's not possible to partially credit an order. However, there is a suggestion for this on our wishlist.

When opening a specific order, you can view all of the relevant information regarding this order. At the bottom you will see the credit button. By clicking on this button you credit an order:

After clicking on the button, a notification will open by default whether you are sure about crediting. You cannot undo the crediting of an invoice.

To confirm the credit, select OK. In the top right corner, a green message will appear indicating that the credit has succeeded. A credit invoice will automatically be made after crediting.

After refreshing the order page, you will see a link to the credit invoice appear under the order header with the invoice number:

You can click on this link to immediately open the order with the credit invoice. Via the credit invoice, you can return to the original order with this link:

A credit invoice is not automatically sent to the customer. You can manually send the invoice by opening the order of the credit invoice and by clicking on the PDF invoice button:

If you go back to the order summary, you will see that the status of the original order has changed to credited:

And a credited order has been added, with 'Credit invoice' as its status.

Refunding the money to the customer

Crediting in Plug&Pay is purely administrative. This means that after clicking the credit button, only a credit invoice is created. The money is not refunded to the customer. If you still need to return money to the customer, you can arrange this through Mollie. If you need help with refunding an amount to the customer you can consult the following manual from Mollie.

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