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Plug&Pay: Orders
The overview of your orders
The overview of your orders
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In this manual I will explain what the possibilities are within the overview of the 'Orders' tab.

1. All orders

When clicking on the tab 'Orders', an overview like the one in the screenshot below will be opened. The default screen is set to 'All', meaning all orders that have been placed by your customers, as well as test orders and unpaid orders.

Want to know more about the content of your customer's order and its payment status? Then you can read this manual :-)

2. Abandoned payments

When your customers have clicked 'Pay' but still abandon a purchase and leave the checkout, Plug&Pay still allows you to follow up with them. All abandoned orders are collected in Plug&Pay under the 'Abandoned' tab.

These customers will automatically receive an e-mail with a payment link reminding them of the order and asking them to complete their order.

Useful isn't it? 😌

3. Failed payments

This tab contains all orders that have failed. There can be multiple reasons for this:

  • Your customers balance was insufficient, causing the debit to fail;

  • Your customer has reversed the payment;

  • Something has changed, causing the mandate to expire

No clue what to do with an unpaid order? I'll tell you all about that in this manual πŸ˜€

4. Tests

It is possible to place test orders in Plug&Pay. This way, you can run through the whole checkout process yourself. All test orders that have been placed can be found here under 'Tabs'.

Note: these are test orders, meaning no actual payments have been done. Here you can read how to place a test order.

5. Manual

The orders you see here, are orders that you as a shop owner have manually created for your customers. These can be single orders, but also recurring orders such as instalment payments and subscriptions. Curious to manually create an order? Read more about that here.

6. Export

In Plug&Pay, it is possible to request an export of your orders. The available formats are PDF, .xlsx and .csv. Trouble with requesting an export in PDF format? You probably have more than 750 total orders. For this, you can use the filter overview by selecting by period. I'll tell you more about this in the next section :-)

7. Filters

In the filter overview, you have options to filter orders. All these filters are included in the export you request. Do you have more than 750 orders? If so, you can filter by 'Period' to get below the limit and request the export in PDF format.

At the moment, you can filter on: keyword, status, period, type, product group, product, country, label, checkout, discount, affiliate and VAT. Looking for a filter that is not on this list? You can make a suggestion for one on our wishlist.

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