Modifying your current subscription

How do I change my Plug&Pay subscription?

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Are you looking for how to upgrade your Plug&Pay subscription? Or would you rather pay monthly?
In this manual, you can read how to make changes to your current subscription.

Modify subscription

In Settings > Subscription > Customise, you can make all kinds of changes to your subscription and information of your Plug&Pay invoices. For example, here you can:

  • Downgrade or upgrade your Plug&Pay subscription

  • Change the address information displayed on your invoice

  • Add a separate email address for receiving invoices

  • Change your subscription to a monthly or annual payment

  • Edit your payment details

  • Cancel your subscription

You also have the ability to view your current subscription here (Lite, Premium or Ultimate), as well as when the next direct debit will take place.

Upgrade or downgrade

Would you prefer to make use of a different plan? Then you can choose to either downgrade or upgrade here.

  • A downgrade will take effect from the next direct debit. To meet downgrade requirements, you will probably need to take some actions first.

    Example: when you go from Premium to Lite, you can only offer 3 products and checkouts. So if you have more than three checkouts, you will have to archive the remaining checkouts.
    Archived items can always be restored. No worries, you won't lose a thing ;)

  • An upgrade will take effect immediately. When upgrading, you will receive an invoice for the payment of your new plan. Did you already pay for a year of Premium, and decided to upgrade to Ultimate halfway your subscription? You'll get a 'discount' for this new plan based on the used months.

Address data of your invoice

You can change the address details displayed on your Plug&Pay invoices here. It is also possible to enter a separate email address where you would like to receive the invoice emails from us. If you leave this field blank, the invoices will be sent to the email address you entered in Settings > Details.

Payment method

Do you have an annual subscription, but would like to switch to a monthly subscription? Or would you rather take advantage of the discount you get when you switch to an annual payment? πŸ€‘ Then you can change your subscription form here.

If you want to pay your invoices with a different bank account, you can enter your new payment details here. Do you prefer paying by credit card? Then please contact our support via the chat icon in the bottom right corner πŸ’¬


Of course we would rather not see this, but should you really need to say goodbye to us, you can cancel your subscription by clicking on the red button πŸ˜”

After clicking on 'Terminate', the following screen will appear. Here you can let us know the reason for your cancellation. Using the slider below, you have the option to permanently delete your entire Plug&Pay account. Please note that after this you will no longer have access to Plug&Pay. An export will be made of all your orders, which you will receive by email.

When choosing not to delete your shop, your account will be archived for a maximum of one year. After a year has passed, your account will nonetheless be permanently deleted. Should you decide to continue within this year, just simply login to your old account. A screen will pop-up where you can choose a new plan and you will regain access to all the products and checkouts you had previously created :)

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